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Our Journey Begins

AIR Kerala, India's first ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), is launching soon in Kerala. Born from the vision of UAE entrepreneurs - Afi Ahmed (Chairman) and Ayub Kallada (Vice Chairman) operating under Zettfly Aviation Pvt Ltd. We're gearing up for take-off with our No Objection Certificate (NOC) secured from the Ministry of Civil Aviation to commence operations.

About the Aircraft

AIR Kerala takes pride in its fleet of ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft, known for their fuel efficiency and market leadership. We're starting strong with three ATR 72-600s, with an ambitious plan to expand to 20 aircraft as we venture into international operations.

Our Commitment

We believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of flight. Recognizing the high airfare burden and frequent flight cancellations faced by Non-Resident Keralites, particularly in the Middle East, we're committed to making travel affordable and reliable. With a significant Keralite population of 2.5 million employed in the Gulf region, AIR Kerala aims to bridge the gap and connect them seamlessly with their homeland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify air travel, making it convenient and budget-friendly for everyone - from expatriates to local residents. We envision a network that transcends destinations, fostering connections between people and empowering local economies. Our focus lies in connecting Kerala's Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with major hubs, while also fostering strong ties with the large Malayali expat community residing in the Middle East.

Our Vision: A World of Opportunity Takes Off

AIR Kerala envisions to boost the travel and tourism sector in India and across the globe. We're dedicated to creating a wealth of new job opportunities - not just in Kochi, where at least 350 jobs are expected initially, but also with future expansion plans in the UAE. As we strive to take AIR Kerala international, Dubai is prominently positioned as one of our first international destinations.

Join Our Journey!

We warmly invite you to be a part of AIR Kerala's exciting journey!

Be among the first to experience the warmth of Kerala hospitality and the joy of flying with as we take to the skies.

We're taking off in 2025 starting our domestic travel and international expansion in 2026. Buckle up - the countdown is on!

Chairman's Message

A New Chapter in the Indian Aviation

"Since April 2013, a vision was planted - to make India accessible, affordable, and closer than ever at the global forefront.

As we stand on the brink of launching, I am filled with immense pride and anticipation. As the Chairman, I envision AIR Kerala as a pioneering force in India's aviation sector, focusing particularly on making air travel affordable and accessible in South India.

Our mission at is to democratize air travel. We are committed to connecting not only cities but also communities, especially in more isolated regions. Our aim is to make air travel a realistic option for a wider audience, thereby contributing to the empowerment of local economies.

We are excited to offer the most competitive prices, without compromising on the quality of service and efficiency. Our preparatory work focuses on ensuring a dependable and enjoyable experience for every traveler who chooses to fly with us.

As we gear up for our inaugural flights, we look forward to welcoming you aboard. is not just about journeys; it's about creating lasting bonds and facilitating experiences that bring people closer.

Join us as we create a new history in the aviation industry!"

Warm regards,

Mr. Afi Ahmed UPC

Our Team

Mr. Afi Ahmed UPC
Ayub Kallada
Vice Chairman
Kanika Goyal

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